The following procedure is used for submission to, and processing by, the maintenance agency (MA) of proposed extension.
a) Log on to the website:
b) Open one or both of the empty MS/EXCEL tables provided:one table for data elements; the other for value domains.
c) Using ISO 15143-2:2009, Tables A.1 and A.2, for guidance,enter the data attributes of the proposed extension(s) into the respective table. Schema-related data are presented in the gclassification scheme item valuehcolumn of the tables.
d) Save the table(s) to local disk.
e) Send an e-mail with the completed table(s) attached to the Secretary of the MA
f) The MA checks the extension submission for suitability, completeness and
duplication with existing entries:
-terms and definitions shall not conflict with those already specified within ISO 15143;
-terms and definitions should not be in conflict with those already specified within related areas, such as ISO/TC 59,TC 71,TC 127,TC 182,TC 190,TC 195,TC 204,TC 211,and TC204,TC211 and ISO/IEC/JTC1;
-the same wording shall be used for the same meanings as far as possible;
-different wordings shall be used for different meanings as for as possible;
-if necessary,the MA Secretary consults with the members of the MA group(ISO/TC 127/SC 3/WG 5)as to the suitability of the proposed extension.
g) If the submission is determined to appropriate, the MA Secretary uploads the extension(s) to the data dictionary extension URL on the MA website, where they can be consulted by the users of ISO 15143