Japan Construction Mechanization Association
The organization provides these technical transfer programs on a per commission basis

1. Type of Technology Transfer Activity: Training in Japan, Dispatch of Experts, Technical Cooperation Project, and Others
Overview of Activities Conduct a series of technology transfer activities such as training programs in Japan, dispatch of experts, and commissioned experiments, most of which are sponsored by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) or Japan International Training Cooperation Organization (JITCO)
Activity Details Overall Objective of Activities
To promote international technology transfer related to the mechanization of construction projects indispensable in building up the national infrastructure in developing countries

Target Countries and Regions
Not specified

Target Industries
Construction machinery

Period of Activities
[Training in Japan]
1 - 3 months

[Dispatch of Experts]
Less than 1 month; 1 - 3 months

[Technical Cooperation Project, Others]
More than 1 year

Main Features of Activities
By means of lectures, practice activities, and study tours conducted in cooperation with governmental and concerned private organizations, a series of activities provides program participants with the necessary skills and knowledge in the management of construction machinery.

Training Instructors/Experts for Dispatch
[Training in Japan]
Experienced engineering professionals in governmental and private organizations related to construction machinery

[Dispatch of Experts]
Experts with lengthy experience in a technical instruction abroad
Activity Accomplishments

Number of Activities by Region in fiscal 2004
[Training in Japan]
Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Oceania: for detailed information, contact the Association.

[Dispatch of Experts]
Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East; for detailed information, contact the Association.

Activity Accomplishments by Industry in fiscal 2004
[Training in Japan]
Construction machinery maintenance: for detailed information, contact the Association.

[Dispatch of Experts]
Construction machinery maintenance: for detailed information, contact the Association.

Examples of Activities in fiscal 2004
[Training in Japan]
Course on Construction Machinery Maintenance

[Dispatch of Experts]
Training Program on Road Construction Machinery in Peru,Vietnam and Ethiopia

Languages used in Activities English; Japanese with interpreter
Remarks In case of the JICA coordinator is in charge of all instruction for participants, including daily life and cultural aspects

2. Application and Admission  Consignors supervise the admission process
Application Requirements JICA's requirements apply.
Admission Procedures Those interested should apply to the Japanese embassies or overseas branches of JICA. Time of selection varies depending on applicants. The Organization sets a quota for the number of candidates from each country. Therefore, ratio of those successful to total number of applicants is 1 to 1.2 at most.
Expenses and Financial Assistance

Provided; all expenses are subsidized.

Accommodations Provided; all expenses are subsidized by Consignor.

3. Organization Profile
Location Tokyo area
Address 3-5-8 Shibakouen
Tokyo 105-0011


Fax +81-3-3432-0289
E-mail Address info@jcmanet.or.jp
Web Site http://www.jcmanet.or.jp
Year of Foundation 1950
Type of Organization Association under Ministry of Land,Infrastructure,
and Transport
Organization Representative Hiroaki Tamamitsu
Primary Organization Activities Promotion of construction mechanization

4. Contact  Interested parties should contact the following organization
Person in charge Yuichi Amano
Haruhisa Kondou
Method Tel, fax, e-mail

English and Japanese