The membership of the JCMA is composed of any individuals or organizations who have interests in construction machinery, but the members authorized in the civil code are organizations only, such as public corporations, power companies, manufacturers, contractors, traders, maintenance services, lease and rental companies, institutes, consultants and associations.

March, 1949 “Steering Committee of Construction Mechanization” established as an association without a legal entity status
July, 1949 First Construction Machinery Exhibition hosted by the Ministry of Construction and backed up the Committee
July, 1950 Kansai Branch launched
August, 1950 Corporate status granted for reestablishment as Construction Mechanization Association under control of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Construction
October, 1950 The first edition of “Japan Construction Equipment Handbook” published
July, 1952 Renamed as Japan Construction Mechanization Association.
August, 1952 Chugoku-Shikoku Branch launched
February, 1953 Hokkaido Branch and Tohoku Branch launched
October, 1957 Kyushu Branch launched
April, 1958 Chubu Branch launched
September, 1959 The first overseas construction mechanization inspection tour dispatched
February, 1961 The first snow removal machine exhibition and demonstration held
November, 1962 Hokuriku Branch launched
October, 1964 Japan Construction Method and Machinery Research Institute established
May, 1973 ISO International Conference held in Tokyo
June, 1975 Shikoku Branch separated as an independent branch from Chugoku-Shikoku Branch, subsequently renamed Chugoku Branch
October, 1975 The first symposium on construction equipment and methods held
January, 1976 Proprietary standards JCMAS established
October, 1980 The first movie presentation held
June, 1981 ISO International Conference held in Tokyo
October, 1988 Designated to organize examinations for Construction Equipment and Technologies License Examinations
October, 1988 Chairman’s Award created
June, 1990 ISO International Conference held in Kobe
April, 1992 Kato Award created
April, 1996 ISO International Conference held in Tokyo
May, 1999 The 50th anniversary celebration ceremony held
November, 2002 Japan Construction Method and Machinery Research Institute renamed