This committee has been engaged in the collection and analysis of the data which relevant ministries, governmental agencies and public corporation, including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries use to estimate various numbers and figures including equipment costs. Composed of approximately 200 members from related governmental agencies, organizations and the construction industry, the committee, as the only impartial and fair deliberation body in Japan, has produced great achievements through its research on machinery costs since 1959.

In the Equipment Cost Calculation Chart, there are several cost categories such as depreciation, repair and management, which need to be included in the equipment cost for the calculation of construction and subcontracting costs. These can be provided on an hourly or daily basis for various kinds and models of construction equipment so that they can be used as cost reference for the operation of construction machines.
This committee is composed of the steering liaison subcommittee and following subcommittees.

Earthwork equipment, paving equipment, machinery for foundation work, tunneling machines, work ships, dam construction equipment, construction work equipment, bridge installation equipment, light machines, shield tunneling machinery and snow removal equipment