There are five committees of various trades representing manufacturers, constructors, traders, and rentals, for information exchange and other activities.

Manufacturers Committee
In addition to information exchange among members, it conducts a wide range of activities including promotion of environmental and safety measures in response to mechanized construction, cooperation with policies formulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport or other governmental agencies and efforts for computerized construction and future technologies.
Constructors Committee

It conducts the following activities related to mechanization of construction.

  • Exchange of information as to mechanization of construction projects among relevant public agencies and member companies
  • Study on construction machinery and methods in accord with the global environment
  • Study on safety in construction using machinery
Traders Committee
This committee, mainly covering the purchase and sales of construction equipment not only from domestic manufacturers but also from overseas manufacturers, is playing an important part in mechanized construction.
Rentals Committee
It conducts a wide range of activities including exchange of information on appropriate supply and operation of construction equipment in response to construction policies.