The membership of the JCMA is composed of any individuals or organizations who have interests in construction machinery, but the members authorized in the civil code are organizations only, such as public corporations, power companies, manufacturers, contractors, traders, maintenance services, lease and rental companies, institutes, consultants and associations.

The right to vote at the general meeting is given to organizations only.
Individuals have the right to state opinions at the general meeting.
The monthly newsletter “Construction Mechanization (in Japanese)” is distributed to each of the members.
Any member can join any committee and/or sub-committee except those involved in contracted workshop meetings.
Members can participate in all events of the JCMA such as the Construction Equipment Exhibition, study tours in Japan and overseas, lectures and film shows and others.
Members can buy JCMA publications at a special discount.
Members have the chance to advertise in JCMA publications, exhibitions (CONET) and announcements for brand new equipment.
Members can request performance tests of equipment and ask for research and survey of construction methods and receive technical advice or use the facilities of CMI.