With regard to construction equipment, it is increasingly important to harmonize domestic standards with international counterparts. In doing so, the following areas must be considered: definition of standards in terms of social needs such as environment and safety, identification of the specifications and performance to ensure fair trades, and potential for use as basis for legislation. The committee is composed of the following subcommittees whose mission includes reviewing of policies for domestic and global standardization, preparation of draft standards, deliberations and approvals.

Standardization Council
This council examines the strategies for domestic and global standardization and coordinates subcommittees within the committee.
Efforts for global standardization
Under the designation by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC), the following three subcommittees corresponding to three TC technical committees discuss domestic ISO standards.
ISO/TC 127 Earth-Moving Machinery Subcommittee
The Earth-Moving Machinery Subcommittee, as a P category member (actively participating member), are working as a member of the TC and also of four affiliated subcommittees (SC) under the TC to develop about 100 different global standards, including making comments and drafting standards. It also acts as a directive country member in the affairs relating to the subcommittees (SC3) for operation and maintenance, thus contributing largely to the administration and operation of the international committee.
ISO/TC 195 Building Construction Machinery and Equipment Subcommittee
The ISO/TC 195 Building Construction Machinery and Equipment Subcommittee, as a P member, is engaged in development of standards for road construction equipment. In the field of concrete machinery, this subcommittee drafts the standards, and functions as chief examiner in the international working group (WG).
ISO/TC 214 Elevating Work Platforms Subcommittee
This subcommittee, as a P member, participates in the development of standards on elevated work vehicles.
Efforts for domestic standardization (Domestic Standard Subcommittee)
The subcommittee, composed of representatives for manufacturers, users and third parties, prepares drafts of the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) in the fields of construction machinery. The task includes development of the JCMAS standard for our association based upon the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and the Code of Good Practice (CGP).