The research institute, JCMMRI, was established on October 8, 1964 as an affiliated organization of Japan Construction Mechanization Association. The purpose of its establishment is to contribute to our nation’s economic development by promoting technology improvement and rationalization of construction projects through tests and researches in the area related to construction machinery and mechanized construction works.Ever since the establishment, we have been carrying out various tests.



  • Research on construction method for road, tunnel, bridge, dam, river, coast
  • Research on maintenance and repair of structures
  • Research on construction machinery and ICT-aided construction
  • Research on environmental assessment


  • Development of new models, new construction methods and new materials
  • Development of maintenance and repair methods
  • Development of recycling and environmental preservation technology
  • Development of new construction equipments
  • Development of ICT-aided construction system


  • Large-scale fatigue testing of steel and concrete structures
  • Large-scale model experiments on various structures
  • Field diagnosis technology of structures
  • Testing of aggregate crushing technique

Construction machinery

  • Performance and utility tests on construction machinery and snow removing machinery
  • Development of all kinds of construction equipments
  • Development of safety enhanced and environmental enhanced construction machinery
  • ROPS・FOPS・TOPS performance tests

Technical consultations

  • Technical advice on construction machinery and ICT-aided construction
  • On-site technical advice for bridge, tunnel and slope construction
  • Technical advice for survey and design

Evaluation, Certification

  • Evaluation and certification for newly developed construction machinery
  • Evaluation for low exhaust gas of engines and black smoke purifying devices
  • Designation for standard operation system of construction machines
  • Certification for low-noise, low-vibration of construction machines
  • Performance test of water jet robot for removal of damaged concrete New technology development commitee

New technology development committee

  • Cooperation with academic and industry experts for new technology development

Area: 150,000 sq.m
Indoor facility : Main building, Laboratories No.1, No.2 and No.3, Material testing facility, ROPS testing facility, Laboratory for large scale fatigue tests
Outdoor facility : Test course, Test field, Water pool, Slope course, Sand field, Poor grand field, Asphalt paving field, Sound power level measuring field, Aggregate production plant, ICT-aided construction and Safety Training Center